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On Web Browsers, Cookies, Dial-Up Internet Usage

New Web Site Features

In addition to visiting our Web site, www.nyseagrant.org, you can also keep up-to-date on New York Sea Grant's news and initiatives via our Twitter, Facebook and YouTube pages, which are all linked prominently in the upper left-hand corner on every Web site page (see the "Follow Us" section). You can also subscribe to one of our RSS feeds (the orange button) which, once clicked, will give you the option to add one or more feeds - Press Releases, Currents/News Features and Funding Opportunities - to your feed reader so that you can keep up-to-date on newly added news items and announcements on our Web site. What is RSS? Find out more here: www.whatisrss.com.

For more on these and other site feature upgrades made since July 2011, click here.

Web Browsers: Keep Yourself Updated

New York Sea Grant's web site includes visual elements that are best viewed using the most current version of Web browsers (ie., Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari). For information on and downloads of the most current Web browsers, check out the following links:

Note: The most current version of most Web browsers may require you to hit your ALT key to reveal the Menu bar items (eg. File, Edit, View, etc.).

Below are some common issue you may encounter while surfing our site. If your issue is not addressed below, please E-mail us at Paul.Focazio@stonybrook.edu and we will be sure to add your concern on this page ...

Compatibility View

Though our site seems to respond best in Firefox, Safari and Chrome, visitors via Internet Explorer may notice some spacing issues, especially in the top portion of the page content. To resolve this, be sure to select the "Compatibility View" icon in the browser bar (see image below). If your browser does not have this option included, you can activate the feature via Tools > Compatibility View Settings. Make sure that none of the boxes are checked off in this panel. After this is so, you should notice the Compatibility View icon in the browser bar. Clicking on it once should resolve any spacing issues you'll find while clicking through the site.

Enabling "Cookies"

In sections of our Web site where information is transmitted, such as in "Grants and Policies: Funding Opportunities - Current RFPs" (click here), please note that "Cookies" must be enabled. In most Web browsers, this feature can be accessed in "Tools" on the menu bar (under "Options" or "Internet Options")

Page Refusing to Load?
If a page on our site does not load (e.g. the form page to upload proposals) and you have cookies enabled and your browsers is up to date, try closing and restarting the browser and navigating back to the page you wanted to view. If that does not work try switching to another browser (for example try viewing the page in Firefox if it does not load in Internet Explorer or vice versa). If you are still having trouble viewing the page try restarting your computer and try again.

Printing: Check Your Browser Settings

New York Sea Grant's web site includes visual elements that may not print along with the rest of the page depending on your Web browser settings. If this proves to be true, in most browsers - including Internet Explorer and  Firefox - there is a setting that needs to be checked off that, by default, is not. NOTE: Google Chrome currently does not have an option that supports this glitch. A quick solution is to print the page from a screen capture generated from the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard (you may need to activate this feature via a free program such as "PrintKey2000.")

In most Web browsers, this feature can be either be accessed in:

(a) "Tools" on the menu bar (under "Options" or "Internet Options"). In this "Options" panel, there should be an "Advanced" tab, under which you'll find a box for "Printing" that needs to be checked off, "Print background color and image."

(b) "Page Setup" on the menu bar (under "File"). Under "Options," make sure you check off "Print background (color and images)."

Once this feature is enabled, all images on the page, including those the browser considers in background of the page, will print.

Dial-Up Internet Users: Speed Up Your Load Time

Our Web site is also best viewed using a high-speed connection. However, there are ways for visitors to maximize their online experience with us while using a modem, or dial-up, based method.

Images are what take the most time to load up for dial-up users. That said, most Web browsers allow you to "turn off images" during load time to speed up your online experience.

Here is how you can "turn off images" in some of the more popular Web browsers:

From the menu at the top of any of these browsers, toggle through the following options (or, check out the "Help" menu for additional assistance) ...

Internet Explorer
Tools > Internet Options > Advanced Tab > Multimedia > Show Pictures (uncheck this box)

Preferences > Click Content > Deselect Load images automatically

Preferences > Click Appearance > Deselect Display Images

Options > Under The Hood > Content Settings > Images

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